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  • Gas technology(H2,CO,CO2,etc)

    1) Complete technologies and plants for purifying H2 by PSA
    2) Technologies and plants for producing H2 by steam reforming of light hydrocarbon (natural gas、refinery gas etc)
    3) Technologies and plants for producing H2 by methanol cracking
    4) Technologies and plants for producing H2 by coal gasification
    5) Technologies and plants for purification of CO using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)
    6) Technologies and plants for removal and recovery of CO2 using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)
    7) Technologies and plants for removal CO2 from compounded amine (MEA, MDEA, DEA, NHD, and NXT)
    8) Technologies and plants by dry desulfurization
    9) Technologies and plants by wet desulfurization
    10) Other technologies and plants of gas recovery
  • Technology of oil hydrogenation

    1) FCC gasoline selective hydro-desulfurization
    2) Technologies of gasoline and diesel hydrofining
    3) Technologies of FCC diesel hydro-upgrading
    4) Technologies of wax oil hydro-desulfurization
    5) Technologies of lubricating oil hydrogenation
    6) Technologies of residual oil hydro-desulfurization
    7) Technologies of wax oil hydrocracking
    8) Technologies of solvent oil hydrogenation
  • Coal chemical technology

    1) Technologies of hydrogenation for coal tar and crude benzene
    2) Technologies neiand plants for producing LNG and CNG from coke oven gas
    3) Comprehensive utilization technologies of methane gas, coal bed gas, shale gas
  • Technologies and plants for ammonia synthesis and Methanol by coal and coke oven gas

  • Oil storage and transportation & The whole system engineering

  • Patented product

    1) Dedicated adsorbents for Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)
    2) High performance dedicated sequencing valves
    3) Methanol cracking catalysts
    4) Methanation catalysts
    5) Various catalysts for hydrogen producing plants
    6) Temperature control valves for reforming gas steam generator