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A Trip to Suichang of Zhejiang in 2013

2013-10-23 11:27:31

A three-day tour to Suichang of Zhejiang was organized by the company from October 2 to 4 during the National Holiday of 2013.

Two buses set out from the company at 7:00a.m. October 2. We arrived at the first scenic spot of Suichang, i.e. Suichang Goldmine National Mine Park, 2 hours later than expected due to so many tourist jammed on the way. After entering the park, along the stairs we got to the first stop, i.e. Gold Museum, which covered an area of 1,100m2 and possessed over 200 pieces of exhibits. The ancient and present geological, exploiting, mineral processing, smelting knowledge and culture as well as mining culture were mainly displayed in the 11 exhibition areas of the museum. The museum was composed of two storeys. The ground floor displayed some historical materials of the gold mine while the second floor exhibited mineral specimens and the scenes that ancient people exploited, processed or smelted minerals. After leaving the museum, we went down to the mine tunnel by taking the tramcar of the park. A peculiar landscape was seen inside the mine, where caves existed inside other caves and they connect with each other. Standing inside the mine, we could not help marveling at the wonderful mining technique of ancient people. Marching along Suichang mining tunnel, we could not help feeling the hard living of the miners.

In the following day, we left for Qianfo Mountain after taking a buffet breakfast in the hotel. The gates of the scenic spot were molded into different shapes with cement. Though artificial, they were not ugly. Upon entrance, we heard the loud sounds of water. It was the greeting waterfall (the dam above the waterfall was built artificially). After stepping on the stairs, we found on our right hand a clear pool, named “Jade Pool”, where a ladder was set for people to climb up and down. It seemed that people could go swimming in the pool when the summer came. Strolling in the forest, you may find the eighteen disciples among the trees and there were also some small scenic spots like Bailong Waterfall, Wukong Stone and Luohan Beach. If you walked up, you might find the Maitreya Buddha erect at a higher elevation behind the large stone with kind smile on his face.

After having a lunch in the scenic spot, we went on a trip to Nanjianyan scenic area, which was located at southwest of Suichang County and won the UNESCO award for “International Photographic Creation Base”. The area was featured by lush trees, a vast bamboo forest, peculiar mountains and plunging waterfall and it possessed more than 30 scenic spots. The major scenic spots included: the geomorphologic landscape constituted by Tianzhu Mountain, Shentan Mountain, Qianzhang Stone, Small Stone Forest, Turtle-Seeing-Sea Stone and other peculiar mountains and stones; and the waterscape composed of Jade Pool, Nine-Step Waterfall, Longmen Waterfall and others. Through people’s cultivation for generations, the peculiar landform within the area finally formed the nearly 2,000 mu mountainous terrace landscape.

Shenlong Valley was the only destination in the third day. The scenic area was composed of 8 sub-areas, i.e. Suichang Memory, Garden Fantasy, Forest Bathing Beach, Mr. Tang’s Quest for Dream, Crouching Tiger& Hidden Dragon, General’s Victory, Dragon Showing up, and Great High Mountain. Mountains always stood with waters next to them. The tour route within the Shenlong Valley scenic area extended along the brook. The brook was zigzag. The beginning trickle gradually turned into sort of torrent and sang softly and then loudly. As introduced by local guide, the General Waterfall was 850m high with 80m drop, 18m width and 85degree gradient and it stood towards the due east; the water rushed down when it was obstructed by cliff and stones gathered at the bottom of the waterfall; as water splashed, a rainbow was formed to echo the sunset glow, looking like a white dragon flying among the mountains. What a spectacular view! However, we didn’t get the opportunity to view such a beautiful scene probably for the reason that the weather was fine and the temperature during the National Holiday was relatively high. What a pity it was!

After the trip was over, we went back to Suichang to have lunch and started the return trip to Shanghai by saying “goodbye” to the beautiful Suichang.