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General Manager JI Zhiyuan Invited to Visit INFRA in Russia

2015-08-12 14:18:39

On July 28, Russia local time, General Manager JI Zhiyuan from Shanghai Huaxi Chemical Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (“HCIST”) was invited by INFRA to visit the newly built FT synthesis laboratory apparatus which was located in Moscow and the two sides discussed the possibility of future cooperation.

President of INFRA Mr. Balikoev and General Manager of R&D Center Dr. Mordkovich received General Manager JI Zhiyuan at its headquarter in Moscow. Mr. Balikoev first gave a brief introduction on the INFRA, and then Dr. Mordkovich introduced its third-generation FT synthesis technology. The third-generation FT synthesis upgraded the catalyst and introduced carbon nanotubes as a carrier, which greatly reduced the size of the FT reaction synthesizer, and effectively controlled the composition of the reaction product, making the gasoline and diesel conversion rate close to 100%.

After the meeting, General Manager JI Zhiyuan invited Mr. Balikoev and Dr. Mordkovich to visit China for further exchange. The Russian side was happy to accept the invitation and would come to Shanghai soon.