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News on Hydrogen Production Unit of 3000Nm³/h for SOLVAY(Zhenjiang) Chemicals Co., Ltd. Put into Operation

2016-04-29 15:16:04

The hydrogen production unit of 3000Nm³/h for SOLVAY (Zhenjiang) Chemicals Co., Ltd. successfully operated at first attempt and was able to produce qualified hydrogen.

The hydrogen production unit used the proprietary technologies of SMR and PSA hydrogen production owned by Shanghai Huaxi Chemical Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (“HCIST”). HCIST was also responsible for its engineering design, procurement, installation and commissioning guidance. The unit used natural gas as raw material and adopted the process routes of light hydrocarbon steam reforming gasification and pressure swing adsorption (PSA) purification, having a capacity of 3000Nm³/h and producing hydrogen with purity 99.99% and impurity CO <1ppm. The unit was mainly used for the production of hydrogen for the purpose of peroxide with a concentration up to 70% for SOLVAY (Zhenjiang) Chemicals Co., Ltd.

SOLVAY Group is a global leader in chemistry and headquartered in Brussels, Belgian. SOLVAY Group employs about 29,100 employees in 55 countries. And the net sales in 2012 hit 12.4 billion euros. Solvay (Zhenjiang) Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the SOLVAY Group and was established in November 2005. Solvay (Zhenjiang) Chemicals Co., Ltd. mainly involves in fine chemical products of globally leading technology, including hydroquinone, guaiacol, surfactants, synthetic fragrances, and hydrogen peroxide etc.

In the processes of design and construction, the requirements of the owner as well as the development trends and characteristics of international SMR device were taken into account. The unit had distinctive innovations. Generally speaking, the unit is featured by "three highs and one low", namely a very high degree of automation equipment: a one-key automatic-ignition reformer, automatic increase or decrease of load control system; high-purity hydrogen, with purity greater than 99.99% and impurity CO <1ppm; a high level of safety in design, installation and commissioning processes with the help of advanced SIS (Safety Instrumented System). In addition, the advanced design concepts allowed low consumption of total natural gas, paralleling to the international advanced level.

The unit had been officially delivered to Solvay (Zhenjiang) Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Photo and text by SUN Jian