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Complete technologies and plants for purifying H2 by PSA

Plant capacity: 50~30×10Nm³/h

Technical characteristics:

    The process is advanced and reliable, and applicable for variety of feedstock, and has a high hydrogen purity at about 90-99.9999%

    High recovery of hydrogen, normally the recovery of hydrogen can be reached 60-99% depending on different gas sources and product conditions.

    Wide working pressure range: 0.2-6.0MPaG, low energy consumption, operating flexibility is 20-120%, continuous operation time of plants can exceed 3 years.

    High automation level of plants with automatic regulating and self-diagnostic function, it is convenient to start up or shut down the plant, and has achieved automatic control without manual.

 Application scope:

    All kinds of gases that contain hydrogen, such as shift gas, methanol cracking gas, methanol purge gas,synthetic ammonia tail gas, refinery gas of hydrogenation plants, coke oven gas, water gas, catalytic dry gas, reforming gas etc.

Typical achievements: 

    hundreds of plants have been put into operation

    Sinopec Shanghai Gaoqiao Company: 50000Nm³/h hydrogen plant from reforming hydrogen by PSA

    Shaanxi Energy Chemical Industry of Yankuang Group Co., Ltd.: 28000Nm³/h hydrogen plant from synthetic gas by PSA

    Henan First Chemical Co., Ltd.: 30000 Nm³/h hydrogen plant from coke oven gas by PSA

    Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company Limited: 80000Nm³/h hydrogen plant from shift gas of steam reforming of natural gas by PSA