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Other technologies and plants of gas recovery

Plant capacity: 100~30×10Nm³/h

Technical characteristics:

    PSA process is advanced, safe, reliable, and adaptable. It can be used to purify all kinds of gas and recycle organics, etc.

Application scope:

    Purifying natural gas, coke oven gas, concentrating marsh gas, drying dehydration of gas, recycling organics, nitrogen, oxygen, etc

Typical achievements:

    Shandong Fangming Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.: 6000Nm³/h nitrogen plant from cyclohexanone tail

    Shandong Hongye Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.: 10000Nm³/h organics recycle plant from cyclohexanone tail gas

    China Natural Gas Wuhai Qianlishan LNG Factory: 16×10Nm³/h coke oven gas purification plant

    Fugu Heyuan Coal Tar Electrochemical Co., Ltd.: 26×10Nm³/h coke oven gas purification plant

    Shandong Jindian Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.: 4000 Nm³/h natural gas purification plant

    Sinopec Yangzi Petrochemical Company Plastics Factory: off-gas recycling plant