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Technologies of lubricating oil hydrogenation

Plant capacity: 10~240×10t/a

Technical characteristics:

    The process is advanced, reliable, economical, reasonable, lower consumption shorter construction period. The scheme of mixing hydrogen in advance can improve heat exchanger efficiency and mitigate coking degree. The internal components of reactor are optimized to reduce the temperature difference in bed layer radial. Plant is highly automated, easily operated.

Application scope:

    The first vacuum side stream, the second vacuum side stream, the third vacuum side stream or naphthenic oil can be produced gasoline and diesel, lube base oil, solvent oil, white oil etc by hydro-treating and hydro-dewaxing.

Typical achievements:

    Panjin Hongye Petrochemical Co., Ltd.: 10×10t/a naphthenic lubricating oil hydrogenation plant

    Shandong Aoxing Petrochemical Co., Ltd.: 10×10t/a lubricating oil hydrogenation plant

    Shandong Fangyu Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd.: 60×10t/a lubricating oil hydrogenation plant (The biggest device in Asia)