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Technologies of FCC diesel oil hydro-upgrading

Plant capacity: 15~250×10t/a

Technical characteristics:

    Typical process is advanced, reliable, economical, reasonable and low consumption, and has low pressure stream as a by-product. The reacting section adopts hot high pressure separator process to save energy and the area of exchanger. The internal components of reactor are optimized to reduce the temperature difference in bed layer radial. Plant is highly automated, easily operated.

Application scope:

    FCC diesel oil or black diesel oil can be produced national standard China V gasoline and diesel product by hydro-upgrading.

Typical achievements:

    Xinjiang Kuishan Baota Petrochemical Co., Ltd.: 250×10t/a diesel hydro-upgrading plant

    Dongying Haixing Petrochemical Co., Ltd. 160×10t/a diesel hydro-upgrading diesel plant

    Dongying Liyuan Environmental Science & Technology Co., Ltd. 100×10t/a diesel hydro-upgrading plant

    Shandong Zhonghai Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.: 40×10t/a diesel hydro-upgrading plantJinao (Hubei) Science & Technology Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.:110×10t/a diesel hydro-upgrading plant

    Shandong Chengda New Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd.:100×10t/a diesel hydro-upgrading plant

    Dongying Guangyue Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.:35×10t/a diesel hydro-upgrading plant

    Shandong Huifeng Petrochemical Group Co. Ltd.:35×10t/a diesel hydro-upgrading plant