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Dedicated adsorbents for Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)
The property of the adsorbent directly influences the purity of product and the recycling rate and it is the assurance for the process long-time operation continuously and steadily.
High performance dedicated sequencing valves
The high-performance dedicated sequencing valves is also called pneumatic program controlled valve or flat valve.
Catalysts for methanol cracking
The difunctional catalyst for methanol steam reformation producing hydrogen developed by our company is suitable for methanol steam reforming and methanol decomposition to produce hydrogen, especially suitable for users of the small to medium-sized hydrogen production.
Catalysts for methanation
Methanation Reaction, such as coke oven gas(high CO、CO2 content)to LNG, and syngas (from coal gasification)to NG.
Catalysts of steam reforming of methane
Catalysts of steam reforming of methane
Temperature control valves for reforming gas steam generator
Temperature control valves for reforming gas steam generator: the valve locates at the tail of reforming gas steam generator, and adjusting reforming gas flow of the center tubes and the heat exchange tubes to control mixed gas outlet temperature.
Membrane separation
The membrane separation technology combines such functions as separation, concentration, purification and rectification, and is featured by high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, molecular grade filtration, simple filtration process, and easy control.