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Dedicated adsorbents for Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)

Patent products

    The property of the adsorbent directly influences the purity of product and the recycling rate and it is the assurance for the process long-time operation continuously and steadily. So it is the key technology for PSA gas purification.


    Great dynamic absorption capacity, high separation factor, and easy desorption.

    Complete in variety for different feed composition and product quality.

    Greater abrasion strength and compressive strength and chemical inertness to all the separation gas

    With the advanced non-binder and multi-calcination manufacturing techniques, the adsorbent is much better than the same kind of imported adsorbent in the performance indicators such as bulk density and is among the world leading level in this field.

    The adsorbent developed by our company has a 20 years research history and more than 10 years application experience.