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The Company now needs talents for the following positions. The salary for experienced applicants will be discussed in the interview. Please consult Ms.Zhang of the Personnel Administration Department if you are interested.

Company address: No.46, Lane 555, Huanqiao Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai (inside Xingyue Headquarters Bay, No.2388, Xiupu Road)

Contact number: +86-021-50275667-8106

Fax: +86-021-50272257

Post code: 201315


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  • - Preliminary budgeter (1 person)


    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in Project Cost Management or related fields;

    2. Be familiar with tender/bidding documents for construction projects, bidding process, and contracts for construction projects;

    3. Be familiar with preliminary budget quota; be familiar with requirements for list quotation, rules for list preparation and auditing, and economic and technical indexes of construction and installation cost; expertly master and apply pricing basis for construction project cost; be familiar with national and local project cost information; expertly apply computer software for preliminary budget; be able to independently complete preparation and settlement auditing of preliminary budget for construction projects;

    4. Be familiar with national and local laws, regulations, policies and standards in petroleum and petrochemical industry;

    5. Three-year or more working experience in budgeting, technical and economic evaluation, and cost estimate at petrochemical installation companies or petrochemical engineering design institutes preferred;

    6. Applicants with registered qualification certificate for the position would be preferred.


    1. Participate in preliminary planning of construction cost budgeting and review of contracts for construction project, and timely collect documents and information related to cost budgeting;

    2. Take charge of preparing budget/settlement for installation projects;

    3. Take charge of preparing bill of quantities and tender/bidding documents;

    4. Take charge of preparing technical and economic benefit, economic analysis, and preliminary budget for construction projects;

    5. Assist the financial department in completing financial statement for construction projects.

  • - Commercial/sales personnel (several)


    1. College degree or above, major in High Molecular Material, Chemical Process or related fields;

    2. Have a strong sense of responsibility, be able to bear hardships and hard work, and be willing to travel frequently;

    3. Two-year or more experience in sale of chemical products and technologies preferred.


    Take charge of the sales, marketing, publicity, and contract signing of chemical or equipment related technologies and products.